Do you ever find yourself self sabotaging in love?  

Do you struggle with getting close to someone and then pushing them away?  

Find yourself struggling due to past relationships and unhealthy relationship patterns?  

If this sounds like you, this free love class will help you work through the barriers that keep you away from love. 

In this free love class, you'll learn how to;

  •  Uncover the fears, limits, and insecurities you have that have the potential to hold you back in love.  
  • Discover patterns in love.
  • Let go of self sabotaging behaviors.
  •  Release past relationships, so they don't affect your future
  •  Accept your past, no matter what has happened, and use it to your advantage.  
  •  Learn how to trust yourself in love.  
  •  Feel secure in love & not push others away.  
  •  Become confident so you don't lose yourself in love.  
  •  Keep your relationship fears and worries from running the show.  
  •  Develop the skills necessary to keep a relationship and never worry again about your relationship ending.  

Welcome gorgeous!

I am SO excited you are here love, it's so nice to meet you! My name is Jacqueline and I am the creator of Positive Soul. I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in love + relationships.  

I'm obsessed with helping women have the love life of their dreams. I believe that every single woman can have authentic and genuine love. Personally speaking, I was able to heal my negative patterns in love and completely transform my love life. Going from being unavailable/in unavailable relationships to manifesting my ideal match, I know just how to help you.

My work differs from other love experts. I mix an intuitive, spiritual style with practical therapeutic techniques. I blend the best of the spiritual and psychology world, to provide a unique approach that works.

No matter what you are going through, I am confident that I can help you get to the solution. You are so much closer to love than you think you are. 

If you love the class, you can view more of my work on & take a look at my one on one services and products. 


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