Do you ever get the sense that you are holding yourself back?  

That there is more you have to offer to this world, but it feels like there is some invisible force getting in your way?  

That you always have doubts + insecurities about your abilities?  

Ever feel like you would rather stay in your comfort zone and not risk failure?  

If you answered YES, you are in the right place!

Get instant access to my free guided worksheet, where I will help you identify, release and reframe your limiting beliefs.  

Limiting beliefs are the little voices that convince you that you can’t be/do/have something. They are the doubts and fears you have about what is possible for you. What holds us back the MOST in life are our beliefs and what we believe to be true about ourselves/what we can have in life.  

More than any strategy or amount of “hard work,” learning how to unlearn + release your limiting beliefs will work miracles for your life.  

  With this free worksheet, learn how to challenge your beliefs & reframe them in a way that works! The transformative power of releasing your beliefs will take your life to the next level. 

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Welcome gorgeous!


I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Author and Coach. I am the creator of the personal development brand, Positive Soul. I am SO beyond excited you are here. I believe our paths have crossed for a reason, and there’s a divine reason you are here. I am passionate about helping spiritual souls own their power and step into who they are meant to be, on a soul level. I’m a bit of a manifesting junkie, and I truly believe that you can manifest ANYTHING your heart desires. The Law of Attraction helped change my life, and now I’m here to help you change yours, in a simple + easy way. It’s my mission to help you align with your desires and manifest your dream life; the money, confidence, love, business, abundance + on. I’m all for helping you have a full life, in all aspects. You can have the dream business + the dream lover. You can have money + dream friendships. This is not a Universe of exclusion. I combine my psychology background, spiritual techniques, and personal experience to help you create massive change. I primarily help you by teaching you how to master your mindset, master manifesting and energetically become who you are meant to be.