Who is this course for?  

This course is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create their own online business. You can be in ANY field.

What type of products do I need to sell?

You can literally sell anything. The focus of this course is selling digital products, BUT you can also follow the same steps to sell physical products (anything that needs to be shipped). Whatever you want to sell, this course has you covered.

What can I expect to get out of the course?  

You will learn the EXACT methods on how to launch your business. By following along with me, you will have your very own online business by the end of the course.

Any experience needed?  

No business or website experience needed to take this course.  

Do I need a business degree or background?

No business degree or background needed. No specific degree or experience needed. All you need is a passion. 


How does the course work?  

The course is held 100% online. It consists of 4 online classes. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with access to the course. You will have unlimited access.  

How long is the course?  

Each class is about 1 hour. You can binge the entire thing in a single day, a few days, or a few weeks. You have unlimited access to all the classes, forever.  

Do I need to have a business idea yet?  

NO! You don’t need to have a business idea yet.  

Will this expand my current business?  

Going online is the FUTURE. Having an online business is the ultimate way to grow and expand. If you already have a physical business, you can package your expertise online.

Do I have to purchase any software to create an online business?  

Any website is going to require a hosting fee of some sort. For the website that I use, the cost ranges from $12-25 a month, depending on the package you select. Get a FREE $30 credit to begin if you get the course. 


"This course has taught me SO MUCH!! I listened to the classes and I was able to get myself set up in less than a day. I can't believe it, less than a day. You made it so simple and stuck to the basics which I liked. After listening to the classes, I went and wrote my first ebook, put it up in a few days, and there it was, ready to go. I can't even describe how good it feels to have my own product out there. I felt so insecure that I could be a business owner before this course, but now I am confident that I have what it takes just like everyone else. Thank you thank you thank you!!!" Elise

"You made it so simple to start selling. I started to sell my calendars online & OMG it was so easy and painless! I can't believe it took me so long to begin but I'm glad I found this course. I set up my website so fast and started to promote my calendars. It was so simple with your step by step website class. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to start a business." - Candace

"Jacqueline, I love this course!! It was so helpful and I followed my dreams of being a business owner like you. You gave me the confidence needed to start. No longer will I let my fears get to me. I created my first eBook already and have made some sales. I can't wait to create more." -Jill

"After being so scared to start my own online biz, I'm so glad I bought this course and learned how to start. I felt like I was meant to work with you for a reason, and now I know why. Time to beat the fears and actually follow my dreams. Such an amazing investment for anyone, don't think TWICE!!" - Ariana

Ready to join me? 

Your tribe is waiting for you.

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This is your time to shine beautiful.

In this age, there are so many opportunities presented to you.

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I'm ready for you to join me in Entrepreneur land, where we make ALL the rules, have fun + get paid well for doing it.  


$150 USD

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